Submission System

The Open Journal of Power Electronics (Revista Eletrônica de Potência) is an Open Acess Peer-Reviewed journal and the manuscripts are submitted through the ScholarOne Manuscripts system, using the link SUBMIT A MANUSCRIPT. It is not necessary to be a SOBRAEP member to submit a manuscript to the Open Journal of Power Electronics.

Manuscripts submitted to the Open Journal of Power Electronics must present unpublished contribution, including research results demonstrating its technical and scientific quality. In case the paper, or part of it, has been presented or published in any national or international journal or conference, authors must declare to the Editor the new contribution of the manuscript to the Open Journal of Power Electronics and the name of conference or journal of the previous publication. Before submitting a manuscript, verify the Editorial Policy and Guidelines for Publication.

Guidelines for Publication are extremely important and authors must use these guidelines for preparing both the initial and final versions of their papers. It should be noted that manuscripts must be submitted as a PDF document. Quality of figures and type sizes specified in the guidelines must be verified by authors. Moreover, verify if the manuscript is related to the Topics of Interest of the Open Journal of Power Electronics.

Authors are strongly encouraged to prepare the manuscripts using the templates, access the Journal Templates, besides can check additional instructions provided in - Instructions & Forms. For consistency, we recommend using units, symbols, and abbreviations in accordance with the IEEE Standard.

Papers submitted for publication to the Open Journal of Power Electronics should have, preferably, eight pages. Papers with a higher number of pages (more than eigth) must pay an overlength page charge before its publication.  Publication and overlength page charges are shown in the following table:

SOBRAEP effective member (no late payment) Free R$ 250,00
SOBRAEP student member (no late paymente) Free R$ 250,00
Non-member / SOBRAEP member (late payment) R$ 300,00 R$ 250,00


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