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The Eletrônica de Potência (Open Journal of Power Electronics), published by SOBRAEP, is an Open Access journal with single-blinded peer review process. Since january of 2024 is published continuously.

It aims to disseminate the latest technologies and theoretical research in the field of power electronics and inspire interdisciplinary research across academia and industry. The following list of topics is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to indicate topics that fall within the journal purview:

1. Power converter topologies and design
2. Electrical machines, motor drives and motion control
3. Modeling, simulation and control in power electronics
4. Power quality, harmonics and reactive power compensation
5. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI)
6. Power electronics in renewable energy systems
7. Power electronics in smart grid and utility applications
8. Power semiconductor devices, packaging and magnetic materials
9. Power electronics in lighting applications
10. Automotive, aerospace and transportation applications of power electronics
11. Industrial, commercial and residential applications of power electronics
12. Education and special topics



Researchers in academia and industry, electrical and electronic engineers

Release of the Open Journal of Power Electronics

In 1996, the SOBRAEP Deliberative Council proposed the release of an Open Journal, focused on Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, the Open Journal of Power Electronics. The first issue of the Open Journal of Power Electronics was released on June 1996 (vol. 1, n. 1), with the main objective of disseminating the national researches in the field of Power Electronics, not only in the academic circles, but also in the productive/industrial environment.

Major transformations were accomplished from 2003, both in terms of formatting, and, mainly, implementing a fully electronic system to submit and analyze papers for the Open Journal of Power Electronics, called iSOBRAEP system.

The goal of increasing the visibility of the Open Journal of Power Electronics has become feasible with the development of the iSOBRAEP system, and with the transformation of the publication mainly to the electronic form, Open Access, distributed over the Internet, it was intended to increase the visibility of the Open Journal of Power Electronics, increasing its impact factor in bibliographical references.

In 2018, several improvements were made aiming the indexation in the Scopus Database. The submission system was moved to the well known ScholarOne Manuscripts and a new website was built, including the Journal database. Another improvement was the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) atribution to all published papers by the Open Journal of Power Electronics since its first edition in 1996.

Since December 2023, Eletrônica de Potência uses the CC BY 4.0, and since january of 2024 the frequency of publication was changed and it is published continuously.


Current Issue

Vol. 29 (2024)
Published: 2024-03-26

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